Expert Amazon - Optimize your way to sell on Amazon with the help of Generation eCom

For sale on Amazon, think Generation eCom

Does make profits with an online store interest you? You do not want to make mistakes and need advice by e-commerce experts? Generation eCom has created a support service and consultation that will simplify the launch of your shop and marketing of your products in Canada and the United States. Our customized services help you analyze your market and an accurate diagnosis on your needs and on actions to sell on Amazon.

The objectives of Generation eCom:


Optimize your national presence with an online store.


Make your e-commerce strategy most effective.


Sell on Amazon- Why choose Generation eCom for sale on Amazon?

Generation eCom has helped many companies in their marketing on the Web. In addition, our consultants have themselves created several profitable online shops today and they continue to operate them. For example, we are behind the success of (insert hyperlink: Mario Retro, an online store that is among the most successful in Canada in addition to being present in the United States.

Benefit from our expertise in e-commerce:

We specialize on the Amazon platform, which represents over a quarter of online sales in the United States and whose growth in the US and Canada is phenomenal. However, we are not affiliated with an e-commerce site: we are independent consultants who wish to share their experience in marketing on the Web. So we work with you to develop winning strategies.

Expert Amazon – How do we proceed?

Expert Amazon- With our expertise, you accelerate your marketing, avoid some false moves and improve your profit. How do we proceed? OR Steps that lead to success on Amazon.

We have developed an approach that maximizes the chances of success of your marketing on Amazon :

1. Exploratory Free Consultation
Product understanding of your business, target audience and services tailored to your needs.
2. Analysis of marketing
Complete evaluation of your offer, the market and competition to provide a recommendation strategies prioritizing maximizing margins and sales.
3. If necessary, support
Helps marketing (logistics, product list and photographs, SEO, obtaining trademark register, training logistics and shipping, etc.)
4. Monitoring and evolution
Analysis of results to maximize your presence and performance (SEO, comments, Amazon Ads, technical assistance, key indicators of success ratio, etc.)