Amazon Fee in Canada and US

Amazon is open for sellers across the globe. However, most business owners are from the US and Canada. Amazon offers ample opportunity for these countries to sell. But is there a difference in selling goods when you are located in Canada vs in the US? 

Find out here how Amazon US and Amazon Canada differ in terms of Amazon seller applications.

Selling Plan

Both countries are open to doing individual and professional plans. They open individual plans for $0.99 per unit sold and $39.99 a month for professional plans in the USA. On the other hand, Canada offers C$1.49 ($1.18) per unit sold for individual plans and C$29.99 ($23.66) a month for professional plans.

In comparing the two, Canada costs higher for individual plans and USA costs higher for professional plans. 

Referral Fee

Amazon USA and Amazon Canada have referral fee percentages between 8% and 15&. On the other hand, some products for both countries require higher rates, including Amazon device accessories. Nevertheless, they have similar offers for Amazon sellers. 

Fulfillment Fee

Amazon has the same policy for the fulfillment fees in the USA and Canada. These fulfillment fees are highly dependable if the seller ships the products themselves or through the Amazon FBA. Thus, both countries have similar processes and payment fees for shipment based on your logistics. 


Amazon US has long-term storage fees for warehousing. However, it might not fully apply to everyone. Instead, these fees are only applicable to some sellers. 

On the other hand, Amazon Canada takes the warehousing fee according to the daily average volume and space. These are based on the unit size when ready for shipment. Furthermore, there are corresponding payments for January to September (CDN $17 per cubic meter to CDN $24 per cubic meter) and October to December (CDN $23 per cubic meter to CDN $33 per cubic meter). 

Even though there’s an entirely different way they sum up the warehousing fees, Amazon US and Canada both charge extra fees for other non-standard items, including dangerous goods and light products.

Ship to Amazon 

Both Amazon US and Canada allow the seller to send their goods independently. But, if a seller for Amazon wishes to avail of Amazon’s FBA, they are open to it. Amazon has a standard FBA calculator that computes the shipment of each good. It depends on the product, size tier, dimension, unit weight, shipping weight, etc. 

In this case, sellers for Amazon, whether from the US or Canada, can use these platforms to calculate the shipment costs. 

Additionally, Amazon brings additional selling expenses if you wish to avail yourself of programs. Anyhow, you will still be assured of how Amazon FBA handles its shipments. So if you tried getting their shipment service, there is no need for you to worry. Through this, you might enjoy some benefits from vendors for Amazon.


Amazon US brings out the Enhanced Brand Content program, helping their sellers for Amazon improve their brand exposure to the market. Clearly, they are focusing on brand awareness and recognition. 

AS for Amazon Canada, they also market the products through cost-per-click and auction-based pricing models. This type of advertising allows the seller to set the maximum budget for ads. 

Amazon in both countries provides excellent marketing strategies suitable for their target market. Thus, these two ways are also great investments for Sellers for Amazon.

Would you want to be a Seller for Amazon in the US or Canada?

After pondering and deliberating on the details above, you could decide which Amazon branch brings more to their sellers. Whether you open with US or Canada, it would guarantee you a safe, secured, and good deal as a seller for Amazon.