Organic Vs Paid Search on Amazon

Here’s a very old age question inside amazon; is paid search more important than organic traffic, or vice versa? Does spending money on paid ads make sense more than trying to rank it organically?

These are the two sides that people have been debating about for a long time. The idea is that some people want to know which one is more important than the other. But you have to trust us on this one. This was never an ending debate for several seller not just on amazon but also on other ecommerce platform. It is like asking someone to state what they would prefer between soil and land. You can take the whole day trying to explain and finally end up with some slim conclusion! Organic traffic refers to traffic that comes as a result of clients searching on their own. It means that as a seller you optimized your product to make your product search engine friendly, your product usually show up below headline of Search Ads and Sponsored Product Ads. While with paid search, this is where advertisers pay for their products to appear on top of search results. Some Amazon Seller believe that ranking your product organically is irrelevant, and that relying on paid traffic is the best and will surely be the key to your success.

You can manage to make organic search smarter

The secret to making sure that people find your product is hard work. This is a part that requires you to take time to optimize your page and make it reachable. To make it simple, you will not pay advertisers to put your product on top of the list. This is an option that will need you to make or break with your own optimization. Now the secret here is that we cannot say that it is completely free.

It has its own cost. If you need to do a good job with your optimization, you can even hire some audit services. This way, an SEO expert can help you do things the right way and enjoy some benefits. Implementing a proper Amazon SEO Strategy will surely increase the traffic to your product page.  At the end of it, it will still come to one reality that there is no way you can expect to get the best by sitting around. You need to sweat and put in your smart efforts. You can attempt to do it yourself or hire an Amazon SEO service, either way if you want to rank your listing highly on Amazon, you should optimize your listing properly.

Paid search has its own gains

This is the part you have to manage at the end of the day. For new seller who haven’t tried doing Amazon Ads, this step is really similar with Google Ads. The fact that you have paid does not mean that your results will be instant. The implication is that you will be on top of organic search results. The idea of paying advertisers is to raise a good audience around your product. You invite a lot of traffic towards your product. You will only pay when a client clicks on your product. That is why they call it as pay per click. Amazon Sponsored Ads are triggered by search keywords, by bidding on the keywords that you want to target and is highly relevant to your product. Since Amazon ads appear before those unpaid products listing it will help you boost your product to reach a wider audience that will drive bigger traffic on to your listing.

It is a good option when you are dealing with a product that needs to penetrate the market. But at the same time, you also need to be sure that you have all that it takes to meet your clients ‘ needs. [1] They need to appreciate what they find the moment they follow your lead. Even if you are using the paid search route, if you have not done your homework, your conversions will be poor. You need to do your groundwork very well so that such loopholes close up and there are no chances of losing out. On top of that you should also consider that these ads we’re auctioned style, as newer seller joins the crowd and is starting to use paid ads with the same keywords that you use, this will certainly increase the cost of your ads.

Which one is more important?

This is the question we have been avoiding and now we have to confront it for a change. It is very clear that both organic and paid traffic really go hand in hand; it doesn’t make sense if you will just use paid ads without optimizing your listing. When you look at paid search, you manage to bring in traffic by focusing on your products and it works. When a client enters the search words, your product shows up on top of that list. It sounds like a better option the first time you look at it. But that is where you need to be careful. If it was that simple, it would mean that organic search goes to sleep and becomes useless. But that is not how the system works. You have to balance things up. You need organic traffic as much as you need the paid search. They are there to compliment and work alongside each other.

To make the analysis straight, you will find that one works to make the other better. When you optimize your page and do your best, it means that you will also have good results coming from your side. When people come to know about your products through paid search, they will convert. In other words, they will become part of organic traffic. This is the part where you see the two sides complimenting each other. In the end, you will find that they are both important. It is not about selecting one type of traffic over the other. By using both Amazon Ads and Amazon SEO you will surely cover all your concern and be confident that you can still drive sales when Amazon Ads become too expensive to use.

Blending them works for the best

This is where you start getting it right. The two sides work best when they are blended well. It goes to reveal how you can get the best results with minimum effort. Amazon has its own interesting dynamics. But one thing remains clear. The behavior of search engines even on this site does not change that much. You still need to make sure that your SEO is up to date and you have all the tools in place to generate quality traffic.

The best method in growing your Amazon Business is by using both approach; You should continue refining your organic search by optimizing your product listing after you spend on paid search. That is the balance that needs to come in and make you smile at the end of the day. You can maximize the traffic that you want to drive to your listing. It does not need you to start worrying about results you do not have yet. At first, you are bound to make small errors that are worth correcting. Then, as time passes, you will master the art of making it better. As you enjoy the boosts in your sales, you will know that the efforts are bearing fruit.


There are many things you have to do on Amazon to make your product shine. But the best results come when you handle this aspect with an open mind. It does not need you to be rigid and stifled. You can look at the positive side of the whole system so that many other people can come in and enjoy your product. There are many people out there who have no idea about that awesome product you are promoting. Make use of organic search paid search so that you get good results at the end of it all.