Understanding Amazon SEO Is Your Next Quest to Scale Your Amazon Business! 

Understanding how to get your products ranked higher in search is essential for any seller. It’s easy to think that this is something that you can do on your own, however, this is more than just optimizing product descriptions and keywords. 

Amazon and Google use similar methods to determine search ranking. They use an algorithm that can read your content and keywords that are used most frequently. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is not only for Amazon, but the same strategies can also be applied to Google as well. While Amazon does not crawl thousands of words on a website, it does use the same algorithm to determine what products are being talked about most often. 

 Amazon’s algorithm for its A9 search system is a well-guarded secret. We do know that Amazon considers sales conversions, clicks, and page views. This means that if your listings have the right keywords and drive traffic to your listings, they also need to be converting at a high rate to rank higher. 

Using Amazon SEO as Marketing Strategy 

 An Amazon SEO strategy is one of the most important aspects of your business that you need to consider. If you’re wondering how it can help you, let’s break it down. Basically, higher rankings mean that your listings are more visible on search results pages and show up on the top two pages of the results. The more visible your products are, the higher the chances of you closing a sale. 

To boost your Amazon product’s search ranking, take the time to tweak a few things. Like incorporating keywords in your product title and bullets and putting backend keywords. 

Finding the Right Keywords  
If you have a new listing that lacks product data, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of competitors. To help with that, here are some Amazon SEO tools to help you navigate the marketplace. These will be useful in tracking your competitors’ ranking and generate high-ranking keywords for your product. 
Merchant Words 
Helium 10 
Keywords IO 
These tools are a powerful way to know what people are searching for on Amazon and when they are ready to make a purchase. You can use them when your product is new and you don’t have any data yet, or if you want to learn more about your competitors. 
As a seller for Amazon, it’s important to incorporate Amazon SEO marketing strategies if you want to boost your visibility and gain more customer traction. We at Generation eCom provide extensive Amazon SEO services for different selling channels. We handle all aspects of Amazon marketing, including product listing and optimization services, retail management tools, repricing tools, and reporting dashboards. 
Skip the headache of keeping up with Amazon listing frustrations! Our team is equipped with Amazon SEO strategies and marketing plans tailored to your specific business needs. Go out and explore the horizons while we handle your store. 
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