Inside Amazon’s Sponsored Ad: Know the Different Types 

There’s no question that digital advertising is a powerful tool to boost your brand’s presence. Whether you’re looking to drive awareness of your new product, increase conversions on landing pages, or drive more sales on Amazon, you’ll want to make sure your digital ad strategy is set up right. 

Amazon offers an array of ad types that let you target the right customers, and target shoppers who show specific interests in your products — so they’re more likely to convert into sales. In this guide, we’ll take you into the different types of Amazon’s Sponsored Ads and how they work, so that you can set up an effective strategy that’s right for your business. 

The 4 Types of Amazon’s Sponsored Ads  

Sponsored Products 

If you are a seller for Amazon or merchant wanting to increase sales and attract new customers to your product pages, then Amazon Sponsored products ad is the way to go. 

With Sponsored Product Ads, customers searching for relevant items on Amazon will see your product offers in their search results and on relevant product pages. Positioning yourself in search results is the first way to reach customers looking to buy products like yours. When they click on your ad, they’ll be directed to your product page where they can learn more about your product and make a purchase. 

TIP: Use Sponsored Products Ads to promote new products, seasonal and holiday items, discounts, or promotion campaigns. 

Get more people clicking on your ad and learn how to effectively use this type of advertising. 

Sponsored Brands 

As a brand owner, you know how important it is to get in front of as many shoppers as possible to stay on top of your competition. And that’s exactly what Sponsored Brands Ads do: boost your brand awareness, increase sales across the entire Amazon catalog, and drive more traffic to your store. 

With sponsored brands, your products can be showcased in an at-a-glance format for a seamless category experience for your shoppers. They also offer an opportunity to create ads that include multiple selections of products, along with your brand logo and a custom headline. Customers can click on your ad to explore and learn more about your entire product catalog – without competitor listings in sight! Let’s face it, consumers are busy people. They only want to see what they came there to see: items from a single brand or company that they love! 

If you are a seller or vendor enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, get your Sponsored Brands Ads up and running and see how they work to scale your Amazon business! 

Sponsored Display

Ever wonder how you can retarget customers who’ve previously viewed your product listings—and increase awareness for those who haven’t yet? Good news! With Amazon Sponsored Display Ads, you can. 

Sponsored Display ads are a great way to reach relevant audiences on Amazon and expand your brand presence beyond the platform by targeting customers on third-party websites and apps.  

With sponsored ads, you can promote products to shoppers interested in items related to your product or those who viewed a specific item in your Amazon store but did not make a purchase. Or target shoppers who show interest in categories similar or complementary to your promoted product on and off Amazon. 

Take advantage of the Sponsored Display Ad to promote your products, drive awareness, generate targeted traffic, and convert potential customers into actual customers. 


Amazon Stores is a free self-service solution that allows sellers to maximize engagement and build customer loyalty by creating a multipage, immersive brand experience that engages customers and drives sales. 

Your store reflects your brand and can help you build a more immersive connection with your audiences. With Stores, you can create and curate a spectacular presentation of your products, highlight your best-selling and seasonal collections, tell your brand’s story with videos or pictures, showcase special promotions and offers by adding widgets, and much more. 

Whether you are just a starting Amazon seller or an established brand, stores give you a perfect space to help you build and promote your brand while providing customers an enhanced brand-centric shopping experience. 

Unlock the Marketing Power of Sponsored Ads with an Expert for Amazon 

The benefits of sponsored ads are pretty clear: they get your brand in front of new customers who aren’t already aware of your business, increase order value and volume, boost your following, increase conversion rate, and improve return on ad spend. And the key to a great ad campaign is to be in the right place at the right time by appealing to your audience. So, choosing the right sponsored ad campaign that fits your company’s goal is very important. 

We understand that growing your Amazon business can be challenging, especially if you’re a starting Amazon seller or have no experience with the platform. If you’re looking for help with your marketing strategy or how to get started with sponsored ads, our team of experts for Amazon is ready to help you achieve your goals with proven strategies. Book a meeting with us on our website or send us a message at ericpaul@generationecom.com