A Guide to Amazon Advertising and Why Your Business Needs It 

Although it’s already become very popular since its release in 2018, with the world’s biggest enterprises using Amazon advertising to market their products and services, many businesses are still oblivious to the advantages of using Amazon Advertising. 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media sites have a broad reach. Still, they aren’t as comprehensive and beneficial as Amazon Advertising. 

Basically, Amazon Advertising is a search advertising platform for Amazon businesses with a pay-per-click scheme, which means you’ll only spend money when your ad works — when they spark the interest of potential customers. 

If your business isn’t using Amazon Advertising yet, this article will give you everything you need to know about Amazon Advertising and guide you on how you can use it for more sales. 

Set the right goals 

When you advertise, it’s either to drive more sales, boost brand awareness, or both. It’s important to know what you want to do, so you can set the right goals and choose the right Amazon ad product that will help you get closer to your goal.  

Furthermore, you can check on the progress of your advertising campaign using Amazon Advertising’s different metrics. For example, you can use Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) to gauge if you’re driving more sales or impressions if you’re going for brand awareness. 

Amazon also divides its product page into Objectives, which means there are products designed for each objective, which can highly help you choose the right ad type.  

If you want the money you pay on Amazon Advertising to work for you, you need to make sure to set the right goals and know why you want to advertise. 

Choose the right product(s) for your campaign 

When you’re set on your goals, you must be careful in choosing which products to advertise. 

Do you want to convert clicks into sales? If that’s your goal, you need to choose your most popular products. Why? They sell because people like them, and by introducing them to other potential customers, they’re more likely to sell than your less popular products. 

On the other hand, if you want to introduce new products to the market and increase brand awareness, you can choose to market new products or services that you’d like people to notice. 

Strengthen your campaign with clear, concise, and gripping product pages 

Your ad can catch enough attention for people to click on them or search for you, but your campaign won’t be effective if you can’t make customers stay long enough on your product pages to consider making a purchase or have your brand in their memory. 

There are many stores on Amazon and many other websites on the internet. Once you lose people’s attention, there are thousands of pages on the web that they can go to instead. 

To make people more interested in your product pages, it’s essential to make them detailed, compelling, and descriptive. They need accurate content, high-quality images, good titles, and other relevant information about the product and your brand. 

Choose the right ad type for your Amazon Advertising campaign 

Which way do you want to go? Amazon Stores, sponsored products, sponsored brands, or sponsored display? Each ad type has different advantages and disadvantages, but they are most effective when the ad type fits your goals well. 

You can read up on the different types of Amazon Sponsored Ads to know more about each type. 

Target the right customers 

You can use Amazon’s advanced targeting functionality to show your ads to the right people or alongside other products related to your offering. 

For example, suppose you’re selling headphone stands. In that case, you can target people looking for headphones, as they are likely to be interested in getting a stand, too. Using Product Attribute Targeting, you won’t just increase sales. It can also help improve brand recognition, especially when your ads are shown next to other popular brands. Even if they don’t buy now, they might look for you the next time they’re looking for something. 

You can also use Amazon Sponsored Product Ads to look for non-performing keywords or keywords with low conversion rates and ensure that you aren’t targeting your ads for these keywords. But what if some of these keywords generate lots of traffic? Well, if they aren’t buying, you’re losing money putting up ads for people who aren’t in your target market. 

It’s vital to find the right direction 

Amazon Advertising isn’t easy, and it takes money just to get it started. Of course, you don’t want that money to go down the drain because you’re not doing your advertising campaign right. 

To help you find the right direction for your brand, learn the best way to acquire new customers and book a consultation with an expert. Get in touch with Generation eCom at ericpaul@generationecom.com to know more.