How to Stand Out on Major Sale Days Through Amazon Live 

About five years ago, the closest that customers could know more about different products on Amazon was to read the product description and look at reviews, but when Amazon Live was released in 2019, it was called “the new QVC”. 

Amazon Live is a ground-breaking component of Amazon as it allows customers to gain perspective on different products, which can highly compensate for not being able to see or touch the products before buying them. 

With more and more people moving to the online marketplace for their shopping needs, Amazon Live allows sellers to provide a new experience for their buyers and a new and innovative way to market their products. 

In this article, we’ll guide you with everything we know about Amazon Live and help you make the most of your live stream selling efforts on Amazon. 

Maximizing Product Sales Through Live Selling 

If you’re a customer, would you rather read the product details or watch a stream where they display and show the product in action? Of course, many people would rather watch the stream! So they will be able to have a closer and more realistic perspective of the product they want to buy. That’s why as a seller, this is your shot to skyrocket your sales.  

When you go live on Amazon, your stream will be displayed on the Amazon Live page, giving you a huge opportunity to get so many viewers. There is a carousel space beneath your stream too, so viewers can take a peek at your products. If you want more visits to your product pages, you can flash promos and special deals in the carousel. 

To peak your customers’ interest, you can highlight some videos of the influencers that you have partnered with. You can also hire them to do the live stream for your shop, which may drive some of their followers to visit your Amazon store. 

Engage the Shoppers During Major Sale Days 

It is during sale days when shoppers frequently visit Amazon, and it is also when you need to do well on your Amazon live stream. To help you, here are some tips and tricks to engage shoppers during the live: 

  • Before going on stream, promote it on social media first, so people will be prepared for when you go live. 
  • Use eye-catching visuals and video settings for better streaming video quality. 
  • Always restate key messages during the stream and have a clear call-to-action so you can persuade your viewers better. 
  • Give exclusive promo codes and discounts, this way, people will be glued to what you’re showing.  
  • Since you decide how the stream goes, you may use Amazon Live to promote complex or premium products. 
  • Track the comments on your stream using the Amazon Live Creator App and respond to them in the best ways possible. 
  • Make it count. If you’re going to do a live stream selling, make sure that it goes for at least 30 minutes. 

The Best Time to do Amazon Live 

The best time to do Amazon Live is when there are a lot of promos and sales, as more people will visit Amazon to get huge discounts. You can also do streams depending on your market. 

For example, if you sell school supplies and stationery, it’s best to stream during weekends or when people are beginning to buy school stuff for their kids before the summer break ends. 

Get the best out of Amazon Live 

In light of major sale days, holiday shopping has begun and it is the biggest time of the year when shoppers spend the most. And you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to leverage your business, would you? Perfect timing because we exactly have what you need. 

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