Whether you’re just a starting Amazon seller or have been around for a while, launching a product on Amazon can be a daunting process. There are so many steps to take, and even the smallest misstep can cost you time, money, and frustration. 

We’ve put together a checklist of key steps to help ensure your launch goes smoothly and successfully. 


  1. Poor Product Listing – Your product listing is crucial to its success on Amazon. Make sure it is optimized with relevant keywords, clear images, and detailed descriptions. 
  1. Incorrect Pricing – Your pricing should be competitive with similar products in your category. Make sure to take into account all costs such as manufacturing, shipping, and Amazon fees. 
  1. Insufficient Inventory – Don’t allow stocks to run out too quickly. Estimate your demand and make sure you have enough inventory to meet it. 
  1. Inadequate Product Testing – Ensure your product has been thoroughly tested before launch. This includes testing the product’s functionality, packaging, and shipping. 
  1. Lack of Reviews Customer reviews are essential for establishing credibility and trust. Encourage customers to leave reviews by offering incentives or following up with them after purchase. 
  1. Poor Customer Service – Make sure you have a plan in place to handle customer inquiries and complaints. Provide prompt and courteous responses to all customers. 
  1. Ignoring Amazon’s Policies Amazon has strict policies that sellers must adhere to. Make sure you are familiar with these policies and follow them closely to avoid any penalties. 


Here are some pro tips for a successful product launch on Amazon: 

  1. Do Your Research – Before you launch your product on Amazon, make sure you have done your research. This includes conducting market research, identifying your target audience, and studying the competition. 
  1. Create a Buzz Before Your Launch – Before you launch your product, build excitement by promoting it on social media and other channels. Consider running a pre-launch campaign or offering a discount for early adopters. 
  1. Utilize Amazon Advertising – Amazon advertising can be a highly effective tool for promoting your product and reaching a larger audience. Consider investing in sponsored products, sponsored brands, and display ads to increase visibility and drive sales. 

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  1. Leverage in Customer Reviews – Feedbacks are important for social proof and can impact your product’s ranking on Amazon. Encourage customers to leave reviews on your product listing, as positive reviews can help increase sales and improve your product’s visibility in search results.  

PRO-TIP: Make sure to monitor your reviews closely and respond to any negative feedback promptly and professionally. 

  1. Monitor Your Competitors – Keep a close eye on your competitors and their pricing strategies, promotions, and customer feedback. This will allow you to adjust your strategy as needed and stay competitive. 
  1. Continuously Improve Your Listing and Improve Your Product Launching a product on Amazon is an ongoing process. Continuously monitor and optimize your listing, pricing, and advertising to ensure that you are maximizing your sales and reaching your target audience.  

PRO-TIP: Pay attention to customer feedback and make improvements to your product as needed to ensure it meets customer needs and expectations. 

By following these pro tips, you can increase the chances of a successful product launch on Amazon and set yourself up for long-term success on the platform. 


Amazon product launches can be stressful. They bring with them a host of potential problems, from challenges on your new product to conflicts with marketing campaigns. But don’t let the stress get you down! With the right preparation and planning, you can avoid making fatal Amazon launch mistakes. 

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