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Do you want to sell on Alibaba? Ask our experts!

Generation eCom has a team of experts who can help you get started on the Alibaba platform and sell your products successfully. After 10 years of sales experience in the manufacturing sector, we have achieved success and strategies to drive sales and identify the best prospects.

Were you aware that over 40% of buyers using Alibaba are located in Europe and 23% are in North America? This is a very interesting market for Canada.

Our team supports companies that want to develop and acquire a global market or to optimize their shop's visibility on Alibaba. We offer personalized and professional support with results.

Do you want to sell on Alibaba? Ask our experts!

Our key services for selling on Alibaba

Our 3 services

Creating your online store on Alibaba

Generation eCom can create your online store optimally and efficiently on the Alibaba site. Its design will be adapted to the platform's requirements. Thus, you will be sure to stand out in order to obtain excellent visibility on Alibaba. Also, your online store will be redefined to distinguish you from your competitors. Our team of experts will accompany you to create an optimized and efficient Alibaba mini site.

We take care of putting everything in place for marketing your shop, from image management to an optimized description of your products

Creating optimized product files for Alibaba

Over the years, we have become experts in the optimization of products on sale on Alibaba. The product description must include diversified images of each product, details about it and shipping information, as well as finding the right keywords for your products.

The creation of optimized files contributes to the best SEO of your products, but also facilitates the visitor experience. Thanks to carefully developed product files, you will improve your products' visibility. There is a close relationship between the publication of your products and the ranking of keywords on Alibaba. With the use of targeted keywords and a detailed description of what you offer, you will achieve better results than your competitors.

Answering visitors' requests and searches

Our team sorts and inspects all requests made by visitors and potential buyers on the platform. Alibaba offers Request for Quotation (RFQ) requests of potential buyers from sellers. Alibaba is then responsible for identifying the best suppliers who can answer the RFQ.

Our team can help you respond quickly to requests made by customers through the RFQ. We may also administer the Bid Responses section, providing all required information, including product descriptions, shipping details, price quotations, and possible payment terms. A quick response to RFQs gives you a better return for your online store and optimizes it in positioning search results.

Through this service, we ensure a sustained presence of your products on Alibaba.

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