Come and make a career in an expanding industry. Join the Generation eCom team, independent Amazon experts and online business.

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Generation Ecom is a fast growing company that works in online commerce and business development. As partners, our independent Amazon experts are a great help for businesses here who want to sell in Quebec, Canada or internationally. Faced with the strong demand, we are constantly looking for talents in online commerce or in supply management. If you are looking for challenges and a stable team, apply at Generation eCom.

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Generation eCom Inc. is an e-tail company based in Montreal, but operating globally. The business includes international sourcing, web marketing, and database analyzing covering the fields of international purchasing and selling, product development, and brand promotion. We offer you an open and equal atmosphere, challenging work and unlimited space to grow with us. We welcome individuals with passion, dreams, experience and share in our hopes of creating a better future.

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