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If Amazon or Alibaba is the platform for you, Generation eCom helps you generate income. Our experts know how to put in place the right strategy to develop or optimize an online store that will be visible and attractive to customers. With our Amazon and Alibaba experts, your products will be quickly accessible to a large global market. Profitable and effective in the long run, this is how we view your online success.

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Generation eCom Inc. focuses on increasing sales on Amazon while maintaining market prices. We handle the entire Amazon sales process: SEO optimization, brand promotion, brand registry, product preparation, order processing, and customer service. Our company takes a small percentage of retail sales to manage and market your products, which will allow you to generate more income than just through traditional channels. We make sure that your brand is well positioned on all Amazon marketplaces (North America, Europe and Asia).

Amazon Services

We will audit your account to give you food for thought or direct you to get sales faster.

To scale your business, you’ll need to keep your Amazon Seller Account in good shape. You don’t want to waste time on taxing difficulties that will disrupt the flow of your operations, resulting in lost revenue.

Our team at Generation eCom will take a holistic approach to Amazon support, enhancing the customer service experience, and safeguarding the health of your seller account in every way.

Understanding how Amazon SEO works is critical to the success of your listings. With so many competitors in the marketplace, standing out in Amazon search results might be difficult.

GeneCom can make a significant difference in your product’s Amazon ranking. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selling on Amazon, from knowing the Amazon algorithm to optimizing the essential keywords.

Publishing well-thought of product listings isn’t enough to establish a strong presence for your products on Amazon. You need to get your product in front of as many people as possible. The easiest way to do this is to use solutions available on Seller Central. These take the form of innovative advertising campaigns that are strategically placed to engage your clients throughout their purchasing journey. Our PPC management includes:

  • Full Management of all Amazon Advertising ad types including DSP
  • Full access to auto-bidding technology to manage bids at the individual keyword level
  • Real-time keyword harvesting and negative keyword harvesting
  • Bi-Weekly Advertising Reporting and Week over Week Trend Analysis

Launching a new product may be difficult for both first-time and seasoned Amazon sellers. Keyword research, good ratings, and product photography aren’t enough when it comes to launching on Amazon markets. A viral launch requires an increase in sales velocity. With the help of our experts, we can help you avoid the pitfalls and hardships of a failed product launch and put you on the path to success.

We collate the best features and benefits for your product based on Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis and use them to enlist bullet points and later an in-depth and elaborative product description to convince your consumers. We ensure that your listing remains at the top while conforming to Amazon’s rules and guidelines.

Dealing with an account or product hijacker can quickly become prohibitively expensive and become a recurring source of frustration for you as an Amazon merchant if you don’t act against these offenders. 

We have the capability and resources to implement the required safeguards to keep your listing safe from typical annoyances. Counterfeit products, illegal merchants, fraudulent reviews, and other issues are all examples of this. The sooner you take steps to avoid them, the more quickly and effectively your brand will expand.

Becoming your brand’s third-party re-seller on the world’s largest e-commerce platform, allows us to alleviate your problems of selling on Amazon. We understand how to sell wholesale on Amazon and have a track record with leading products in a variety of categories.  We buy the wholesale product straight from you, and we streamline the entire process by handling the ins and outs of selling on Amazon FBA using our end-to-end logistical skills, in-house team, and third-party partnerships.

Amazon DSP is a platform that allows brands to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads that appear across Amazon’s vast media network.  

Strategically putting Amazon’s wealth of data about how, what, when, and potentially why consumers buy what they buy, our highly trained marketers are able to use these tools to target audiences on and off Amazon. With a holistic marketing approach, they employ DSP features to run multiple advertisements based on your brand goals to reach a larger audience, raise awareness, improve conversions, and outperform your competition.

In order to sell on Amazon and adopt a winning strategy in this market, you must first know about it. Generation eCom provides you with a detailed analysis of your product positioning, your competitors and potential profit margins. This step is the key to a successful online store because it points you in the right direction to ensure recurring sales.

  • Industry and trend assessment
  • Competition (market position, price)
  • Profitability potential (associated costs, delivery costs, selling price, profit margin)
  • Maximization of sales (SEO, feedback)
  • Account choice (Vendor, Sellor, Canada, United States)
  • Online store creation

A marketing action plan is what businesses use to develop and execute marketing strategies. The purpose of creating a marketing action plan is to put your goals, strategies and other plans in writing and can help your business stay on track and measure progress as it executes marketing campaigns.

We do consulting, if you have important questions or issues, before implementing changes that will have a major impact on your operations, it is worth taking a few hours with us to give you food for thought or help you plan the stages of the changes you want to make.

Alibaba Services

Generation eCom can create your online store optimally and efficiently on the Alibaba site. Its design will be adapted to the requirements of the platform. Thus, you will be sure to stand out in order to obtain excellent visibility on Alibaba. In addition, your online store will be redefined in order to distinguish you from your competitors. Our team of experts will be able to assist you in creating an optimized and efficient Alibaba mini-site for you.

We take care of putting everything in place for the marketing of your store, from image management to an optimized description of your products.

Over the years, we have become experts in optimizing the products offered for sale on Alibaba. The product description should include diverse images of each product, product details, and shipping information, as well as keyword research that is appropriate for your products.

The creation of optimized sheets contributes to the better referencing of your products, but also facilitates the experience of visitors. Thanks to carefully developed product sheets, you will improve the visibility of your products. There is a close relationship between posting your products and ranking the keywords on Alibaba. With the use of targeted keywords and a detailed description of what you are offering, you will achieve better results than your competitors.

Our team sorts and monitors all requests made by visitors and potential buyers on the platform. We find, on Alibaba, requests for quotes (Request for Quotation or RFQ) which are solicitations of potential buyers from sellers. Alibaba then takes care of identifying the best suppliers who can respond to the RFQs.

Our team can help you quickly respond to customer requests through RFQs. We can also manage the part of responses to requests for quotes, providing all the information required, including product description, shipping terms, the price offered and possible terms of payment. A quick response to RFQs adds you a better return for your online store and optimizes it in the positioning of the search results.

Thanks to this service, we ensure a sustained presence of your products on Alibaba.

Getting to know your competitors, whether you’re a startup or a well-established company, can provide useful information for your business plan. Creating a competitive study requires time and patience, but it pays off in the end when you have a thorough understanding of the industry and have learned a lot about your own company.

Professional SEO Services can help you grow your business.

Our SEO experts can give data-driven Search Engine Optimization solutions to ensure that prospects find your products and services when they search for them.

To help your business rise above the competition, Generation eCom provides competition mapping services. Competition mapping, or competitive analysis, is used to analyze competitors. Companies use this to help them strategically provide better product.

Under this service, Generation eCom looks at every move your competitors make, from their funding and acquisitions to pricing. Next, use that data to perform a competitive analysis, revise your business plan, and adapt to changes in your industry.

We will help drive more revenue, let our team setup your Alibaba storefront, add your products, and run advertising campaigns to successfully tap into the world’s largest B2B marketplace.

PPC Advertising Services (Pay-Per-Click)

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most established forms of digital marketing. For businesses that haven’t tried it, their first question is undoubtedly “why is PPC important?”

You get a greater amount of budget control (Only pay for the clicks)

Pay-per-click advertising is built entirely around budget. For this reason, it offers a much greater level of control than traditional paid advertising strategies. One of the biggest reasons to use PPC advertising is because businesses get very customizable control of how their budget is spent.

For common paid ad styles like search engine PPC, you only pay for the clicks. With no minimum budget and no paid barrier to entry, your business can choose to spend as much or as little money as they want. For a successful Amazon account, PPC allows for a flexible way to target and grow on your personalized budget.

  • Full management of all Amazon Advertising ad types
  • Full access to auto-bidding to manage bids at the individual keyword level
  • Keyword and negative keyword optimization
  • Bi-Weekly advertising reporting and week over week trend Analysis
  • A/B testing for ad creatives and copy for Sponsored Brand and Product Display Ads