Sell on Amazon - Why you have to sell on the Amazon platform?

Amazon and E-commerce: The statistics speak for themselves


New products 500 000 Per day are registered on Amazon


Amazon sells over 4 Times Online That Other Platforms Canadian ACCORDING TO market BMO Capital


74% of Canadians are making searches on Internet before purchasing a product. * ComScore.com


33.2% of Invested dollars online in the US are on Amazon Facts


1 of 3 Person consults Amazon before Google pay for online purchases

sell on Amazon : The opportunities of selling on Amazon

In the United States and Canada, Amazon is the platform with the most online sales. Consumers visit more often and buy more on Amazon than on any other platform. Statistics prove it and show how e-commerce stock of Amazon is powerful for businesses.

Pourquoi Amazon

Sell on Amazon - What are the benefits of selling on Amazon?

Having an expanded showcase

304 million potential buyers

logo-header Sell on Amazon, is to give the opportunity to sell all over the country and even elsewhere if you wish. With 304 million potential buyers in the world and more and more Canadians among these customers, opportunities to sell your products are very real!

Enjoy sustained growth Amazon

21.5% increase

logo-header In 2014, sales on Amazon have grown by 21.5% and this is only the beginning. According to an analyst of highly recognized BMO Capital Markets, revenues generated on Amazon.ca expected to triple or even quadruple in the coming years.

Investing in the right place

26% of online sales in the US

logo-headerAmazon holds a 26% share of online sales in the US, which is more than the 4 other larger online sales platforms combined. If you want to expand your market to the US, Amazon gives you the opportunity and tools.

Being where consumers go

500 000 new products a day!

logo-header Every day, more than 500 000 new products are available on Amazon. Currently, it contains a wide variety of products and not only books. Moreover, consumers are increasingly likely to go directly to Amazon before using other search engines like Google. Sell on Amazon, so connect to a wide audience that actively magazine and probably looking for products like yours.

effective infrastructure

Logistics accessed cheaply

logo-header Selling on Amazon, you have access to an efficient infrastructure that allows you to easily manage warehousing, inventory management and shipping. All this for less! If you do not have the internal resources, no need to worry. Amazon has all the solutions to automate the online sale.

Other statistics on online sales on Amazon

• 1 Amazon is the most visited platform in the US with 188 million visitors.
• In 2014, 12% of households had one member with an Amazon Prime in the USA * http: //www.statista.com/
• 50% of Canadians are buying online. * comScore.com