Why sell on Alibaba?

Selling on Alibaba: A World of Opportunities

Alibaba is the largest electronic sales platform to develop your business-to-business (B2B) business. It is a platform that gives product suppliers access to a unique online showcase. Indeed, Alibaba offers to sell your products to a potential pool of 100 million buyers, everywhere on the planet! Most of this potential market is in North America and Europe.

This online sales site, whose reputation is second to none, is among the safest. That's why you need to think about Alibaba to develop the wholesale component of your business.

Alibaba brings together several sectors, including:

• Food sector
• Construction materials sector
• Manufacturing of machinery for different industries (food, aluminum, construction, high technology industry)
• Garden products
• Electronic components
• Beauty products or cosmetics

No matter what type of business you have, you can achieve strong sales growth with Alibaba!

Why choose Alibaba?

Alibaba presents itself as a one-stop shop for all suppliers who want an international market. For the implementation of your shop, the basic investment to be expected is low. Once set up, the deployment of your business is done quickly.

Alibaba offers suppliers performance and visibility. More than a choice virtual market, this site allows you to truly grow your B2B objectives!

Since its creation in 1999, Alibaba has distinguished itself by the quality of products on sale on its site and their accuracy. Alibaba offers great business opportunities for all businesses in Canada.

Why Sell on Alibaba: The Benefits

Best SEO for your products

An Alibaba online store can give you increased visibility, even if you already have a website. It's a valuable addition to your online presence. Also, the visits generated through Alibaba will contribute to the natural referencing of your site.

Your presence on Alibaba also allows you to establish your reputation. Being present on Alibaba is a guarantee of confidence for certain markets. You also benefit from the platform's solid reputation.

No commission on sales

Alibaba does not charge a commission percentage on your sales. This is why many view this site as a global directory of suppliers. This site offers you the advantage of having access to the largest online showcase!.

Possibility of large volume sales

Alibaba is the platform for wholesale trade. You will find the largest pool of buyers looking for new products. Always growing, the Alibaba site is the first site to be consulted by factory buyers and distributors who want to create their own brand.

Choosing Alibaba means choosing to innovate how to sell your products online!