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Eric Paul , Amazon consultant, president and founder of Generation eCom

Marketing Specialist and holds an Executive MBA, Eric Paul honed for over 5 years expertise in online sales on e-commerce platforms. Recognized by the community, it manages several shops on Amazon and some of its products have even rated "Bestseller".

In 2015, the businessman sees a need among many traders who are reluctant to engage in trade on the Web. He decided to offer its consulting services sales on Amazon and creates Generation eCom. Its purpose is to help entrepreneurs to offer their products across the country and even in the United States if they wish, thanks to the booming platform what Amazon.

Eric Paul has devoted to hone his Amazon expert techniques to generate more sales and provide a positive experience for sellers and consumers.

An effective manager and an Amazon expert

While offering its Amazon consultancy, Eric Paul continues to manage several online stores and sell its products in Canada and the United States. It has a trademark, "Mario Retro", which is followed on Facebook by thousands of fans enjoying accessories for collectors of retro video games.

One of its success factors is the automation of online sales process. The unique inventory of Mario Retro is related to several sales platforms (Amazon, eBay and Marioretro.com .(Amazon, eBay et Marioretro.com), which reduces the cost of operations and increase efficiency. This inventory is stored, packed and shipped by a company specialized in the field. This process allows it to manage more than 2000 different items and organize automated communications with its consumers.

This winning recipe participates to the high profitability of its stores while giving him more freedom. He uses this time to concentrate on his Amazon consultant services and to improve its product.



A qualified administrator

Before specializing in online sales process and on Amazon, Eric Paul has gained more than 10 years’ experience in key positions in manufacturing. He served as chief customer accounts, as well as of national trade strategy and responsible management accounts. The specialist in management and marketing also worked on product launch plans, market analysis and development of sales strategies. In addition, he holds a degree in marketing and earned an Executive MBA in 2011.

To ensure offering quality services as Amazon consultant, Eric participated in several expert training from the Amazon world. He continues to improve his knowledge in this evolving field. He also was one of the few Canadians to participate in Prosper Show in Salt Lake City in February 2016, a conference reserved for larger Amazon sellers worldwide.

Facilitating their understanding Amazon, the President of Generation eCom hopes to help entrepreneurs in the country to make the move to digital sales and prosper thanks to online shopping.