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Sell on Amazon: Develop a winning strategy


Generation eCom helps you set up the winning conditions and is committed to provide you with personalized service. This is why our service offering starts with a free consultation. This meeting helps usidentify your business, your products and your target audience. We then recommend the services that match your to your basic needs only.


FBA Expert Amazon - Discover our services in E-commerce


To adopt a winning strategy on the Amazon’s market, you first need to know it. Generation eCom provides a detailed analysis of the positioning of your product, your competitors and potential profit margins. This step is the key to a successful online store, because it indicates the direction to take to ensure you have recurrent sales.

  • Industry Assessment and trends
  • Competition (market position, price)
  • potential profitability (associated costs, delivery costs, selling price, profit margin)
  • Maximizing sales (SEO, feedback)
  • Choose account (Vendor, Sellor, Canada, United States)
  • Creation of shop online

Amazon SEO Expert -Support to the launch of a shop on Amazon

To start your shop or product on Amazon, you should go for a winning strategy from the start. Generation eCom consultants have tested several ways and know the approaches that have proved their worth. With our help, you will create an attractive and efficient store, which meets all the standards of e-commerce. Our team also facilitates the creation and management of your account, your distribution, your logistics and deliveries.

  • Launch Strategy
  • Product List (description, image and photography, HTML, text)
  • optimization of keywords (title, description, highlights)
  • Protecting Your Trademark
  • Training on logistics (inventory management, packaging, shipping)
  • Training on price modification systems
  • Training on automated mailings

Amazon Ads Expert - Optimization of your presence on Amazon


You already have a shop on Amazon, but you need strategies to be more visible and make your products more attractive? Generation eCom has adequate solutions that will have a positive impact on your sales quickly and without necessarily reduce your prices. We are Amazon experts in promoting Amazon products on the first searchresults on Amazon using different channels. So we help you obtain better visibility of your e-commerce.

  • Support in obtaining feedback (feedback)
  • SEO Optimization
  • Amazon Ads advertising campaign management
  • Reports on your performance, that of your competitors and recommendations for improvement
  • Improved conversion rates on Amazon
  • Management of Lead Generation campaigns via other platforms (Facebook, Google, etc.)
  • creative and personalized solutions for Amazon
  • Technical Assistance

Amazon Formation – Training and advice on Amazon shops


If you want to understand what Amazon can do for you or if you want to adapt to a new competitor, Generation eCom offers lectures and informative and comprehensive training. Our consultants E-commerce Amazon know how to mobilize your business or sales department around a strategic vision to seize opportunities offered by Amazonand sell more on an online store. Depending on your needs, our conferences can be directed to the theory or practice.

  • Lectures on Amazon and E-commerce
  • Amazon Marketplace Seminar in Business
  • General Guide for New Amazon Sellers
  • General Guide on Amazon changes for advanced / experienced sellers

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